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Synopsis: A queer, nonbinary Asian bounds toward self-definition.

Letter to the Outsider

Synopsis: An Asian lesbian scales questions about political imprisonment as she meanders through confinement in the Netherlands.


Synopsis: An Asian woman prowls through white assimilation and model minority myths toward her genuine, unfiltered truth.

Content Warning: Mentions of racism

Silence Is Our Enemy / Sound Is Our Weapon

Synopsis: Looping through a collage of intergenerational trauma, genocide, and diaspora, spoken word and music lift up activism and hope.

Content Warning: Mentions of genocide and police brutality

Nature is not racist

Synopsis: In a habitat bogged down by racism, a queer Colombiana emerges into the solace of nature.


Synopsis: A queer Black woman charges past sexual violence and self-destruction into resistance.

Content Warning: Mentions of rape and sexual assault

With Love

Synopsis: A Black Two-Spirit person thrusts their community beyond wildfire smoke.

Music Box

Synopsis: A young Peruvian/Jewish lesbian living far from home explores her grandparent’s relationship with her identity.