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Not Your Mascot

Synopsis: As sports teams waddle through a larger national issue, Native perspectives leap into the forefront at Napa High.

The Plastic Problem

Synopsis: California surfs through its own plastic waste after China bans the importation of recyclable plastic.

My Grandmother’s House

Synopsis: A pansexual Black woman and her aunt climb from generations of child sexual abuse and domestic violence toward power.

Content Warning: Mentions of child sexual abuse

I Am Kavi

Synopsis: A South Asian transgender filmmaker strides into who he is and what identity means to him.

Food with Friends

Synopsis: A nonbinary Coptic Egyptian and a Muslim Pakistani queer friends dive into community, queerness, and diaspora with food.

Because They Love Me

Synopsis: An Afro Colombian feminist whose gender is "whatever I want" hops through their large family asking why do they love me?